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HELP! My electrologist’s office is closed due to COVID-19! What do I do now?!

So you’ve been having electrolysis treatments, and now you have to figure out how to take care of your unwanted hair growth until our government says it’s safe for us to return to our normal routines. What is the best method of hair removal for you to use in the interim?

Preferred Hair Removal Technique:

Shaving, cutting or trimming - this method doesn’t affect the root like some of the other methods. Shaving, cutting or trimming is the method that most (if not all) electrologists will recommend!

Satisfactory Hair Removal Technique:

Chemical solutions (depilatory lotions or creams which are available at drug stores) - work for temporary hair removal but the products can irritate the skin. I am unsure as to how healthy these are for your skin (& for you to breathe in, especially when on the upper lip), so please use at your own discretion!

Least Favourable Hair Removal Techniques:

Waxing, Sugaring, Threading, Plucking, Tweezing - Any form of ripping the hair from the skin makes hairs grow back stronger & coarser. It can also distort the follicle making it harder (but not impossible!) to treat down the road.

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