There are some questions that electrologists get asked A LOT. We hope you can find some answers here, if not, please contact us!

Why is it so important that I come regularly at first?

It's all about the best time to treat the hair. Electrolysis is most effective during the early Anagen phase. When a new hair begins to surface the skin, it is at it's weakest point. This is because the dermal papilla is in the process of nourishing the hair to grow stronger. By treating the dermal papilla with electrolysis at it's weakest point, the treatment is the most effective at achieving permanent hair removal. Because hair grows at different stages on different parts of the body, it is important to commit to regular treatments in order to target hairs during the active (Anagen) stage.

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Are electrolysis treatments available for men?

Yes! Both men & women who have discovered electrolysis are happy with the end results. Common areas for men are ears, centre of the eyebrows, cheeks, back, chest, beard/neck, & nose. 

*Please note - we are not doing manzillions at this time*