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YI-ZHIBAUME - Soothing & Purifying Cream-Balm

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

There are a variety of products you can use in conjunction with electrolysis to make your sessions more comfortable. Aside from ensuring you are well-hydrated, eating before your session and possibly even taking a pain-killer like Advil or Tylenol beforehand, we offer some recommended creams and lotions that compliment your treatments.

ACTION DE GALA is a company in Quebec that offers a whole line of products that are specifically designed for after-electrolysis treatments so that you can tend to your skin and keep yourself feeling and looking your best. Here is one that is available at The Sardis Electrolysis Lounge:


Soothing & Purifying Cream-Balm

Yi-zhibaume is an ultra-refreshing balm which is good for all skin types. It is ideal for soothing redness and purifying acne-prone skin. You can apply Yi-zhibaume to ionize in the positive polarity after electrolysis treatments, especially after using the “Blend” method. It is recommended for soothing the skin after electrolysis on sensitive or infection-prone areas. For a sedative effect before electrolysis, you can apply Yi-zhibaume 5 minutes before treatment. It can also be used as a mask for reactive, congested skin or areas with circulation problems. Yi-zhibaume can also be used as a mask for those with Rosacea. For a calming body wrap, apply a coat of Yi-zhibaume on the treated body area, cover with plastic wrap & leave on for 20 minutes. Massage remaining cream-balm into the skin. Yi-Zhibaume is also recommended for soothing heavy legs and reducing muscle tension, as well as to reduce appearance of papules and pustules. This product is really a “must have”! As an added bonus, Yi-zhibaume is also great for keeping bugs away as well as soothing any bug bites or stings!

*Yi-Zhibaume is not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing*

Main Active Ingredients:

Shea butter — nourishing, revitalizing, protective

Castor oil — emollient, softening, protective

Camphor — purifying, calming

Menthol — refreshing, purifying, invigorating,

cleansing, calming

Allantoin — calming, regenerating, moisturizing,


Aloe vera — regenerating, softening, calming,


Rosemary (essential oil) — purifying, stimulant,

invigorating, regenerating

Cypress (essential oil) — regenerating, astringent

Juniper berry (essential oil) — stimulating, invig-

orating, astringent, regenerating, purifying

Lavender (essential oil) — calming, purifying,


Tea Tree (essential oil) — stimulating, purifying


“I found Yi-zhibaume to be a soothing and calming cream. It absorbs really well and I was happy to see it work well on the redness of my upper lip and it helped the puffiness to go down faster. It's quite refreshing, so I like to use it on my entire face.” - S.W.

“Applying Yi-zhibaume for the first few days after my electrolysis treatments has been very helpful. It soothes my skin and significantly reduces any bumps or redness. I definitely recommend giving Yi-zhibaume a try.” - J.V.

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